Our Missions & Values
Our Mission:
DG Contracts aim to generate value for each client in all that we do. We will achieve this through the delivery of our client’s products - We aim to create sustainable environments which improve the way people live, work and recreate.

Our Core Values:
• Honesty, Integrity & Trust - DG Contracts understand the importance of upholding its strong ethical standards with openness and honesty. Trust is at the core of all of DGC’s relationships. Operating with openness has led to establishment of long lasting relationships which continue to be the source of repeat business and referrals.

• Professionalism -
DG Contracts approach each and every project with a consistent level of professionalism. Our company understand that when working for our clients, we’re a representative of their business - it is therefore of upmost importance that we reflect this through all aspects of our delivery.

• Value Creation -
The construction industry has an endless pool of talent and skills ‘that can build’. At DG Contracts, we separate ourselves from the crowd by creating value in places not seen by others. We apply our experience and intelligence to our projects to solve challenges, adopting new or proven practices that helps create synergy amongst the project team.

• Continuous Improvement - At DG Contracts we aim to apply forward thinking through everything we do. This may be as simple as proposing new techniques or materials that could serve the client better or devising solutions that can transform the capabilities of the project team. It’s important that as an organisation that we do not ‘stand still’.

Telephone: 01704 229 125 - Mobile: 07969 740086

For more information, please contact us at:

DG Joinery & Building Contractors Limited.
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