DG Contracts understand the importance of engaging with our clients to ensure they’re optimising the efficiency and performance of their property assets. We provide a suite of Maintenance Solutions to support your business and mitigate any potential disruption to your organisation’s operations.

Services we provide:

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)
DG can offer Service Contracts to meet our clients’ asset maintenance requirements. PPM programmes are produced during the mobilisation stage in their first year of the contract and revised accordingly at specific points throughout the calendar year to ensure our clients requirements are adequately resourced whilst providing exceptional value, reflective of the activities undertaken.

Reactive Maintenance
At DG Contracts we understand that even the best laid plans are not always enough. When things go wrong - all you need to do is contact the DG Maintenance team and we will provide 24/7 assistance - resolving the issue in its infancy and minimising any disruption to your business activities.

Telephone: 01704 229 125 - Mobile: 07969 740086

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